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3 - 4 August 2020
Brisbane, Queensland


National Cleantech Conference & Exhibition Advisory Panel

The NCTCE Advisory Panel has been established by the event organiser to assist in creating a relevant, engaging, world-class conference program. One that meets the conference objectives, addresses current Cleantech industry issues and aligns with the theme of  Cleantech: Fast tracking sustainable growth.

 The Panel provides the organising committee with valuable industry insights, expertise and connections and represents the multidisciplinary nature of NCTCE.

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Dr Angela Reeve

Sustainability Policy Officer, Sunshine Coast Council

Angela Reeve is a Sustainability Policy Officer with the Sunshine Coast Council, where she is working to help ensure the sustainability and future-readiness of buildings in the region. Angela has been active in the field of sustainable development for over a decade, with a particular focus on urban transitions towards sustainable, resilient and liveable outcomes, through developing evidence-based strategies and policies. With a background in environmental engineering and experience with behaviour change, policy transitions and emerging frameworks for sustainable development, Angela uses systems-based approaches to understand the complex nature of urban development and sustainability, to identify critical pathways for change.

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Tim MacTaggart

Chief Development Officer, Redflow Sustainable Energy Storage

Tim MacTaggart is the Chief Deployment Officer for ASX listed Redflow Ltd, where he is responsible for delivering battery systems under commercial contract. Prior to this, Tim has been involved in the development of concentrated photovoltaics, engineering consulting for large scale renewable plant, the Victorian smart meter rollout and project development work for utilities in Victoria. As the author of ‘Networks of Power – Disruptive Innovation and the Future of the Electricity Industry’ Tim combines extensive practical experience with a deep understanding of the forces reshaping the industry to maximise the impact of new technologies on the future of electricity networks.

Benefits of being on the Advisory Panel

  • Promote your professional profile to a targeted Cleantech community
  • Raise public and industry awareness of your field through NCTCE platforms
  • Contribute to the development of the Cleantech industry
  • Recognition of your position as a Cleantech industry leader
  • Opportunity to network and do business with other advisory committee members
  • Complimentary attendance at NCTCE

Interested in being part of a future NCTCE Advisory Panel?

Contact Tiffany Bower, NCTCE Program Director or 1300 878 815