Australian Cleantech industry is the key to tackling the climate crisis


Cleantech’s role in the current climate crisis is essentially the way forward. The development of clean technologies is key to mitigating the impact of climate change, whilst creating new economic opportunities for our country.  

The 2nd annual National Cleantech Conference & Exhibition (NCTCE2021), being held in Brisbane on 1 – 2 November 2021, will bring together the innovators and investors plus the suppliers and commercial end-users of the technology that will make a difference to climate change. 

 NCTCE2021 – Providing a national platform to highlight tech-based solutions to climate change. 

The evidence that humans are causing global warming is overwhelming.  This has turned into a conversation about climate change which is now being called a #climatecrisis and #climateemergency. 


Peta Moore, NCTCE Event Director

Peta Moore, NCTCE2021 Event Director opened up about the reason her event management company is underwriting and delivering this important national event. “I, like so many, am filled with horror as I watch the fires destroy so much of our country.  While I am one of the lucky people not personally affected by the flames and smoke, it has still been an emotional time, a time of despair and frustration. With years spent working in the Cleantech sector we know that there are so many incredible organisations, businesses, start-ups and innovators who have developed and implemented Cleantech solutions in this country.   

So as a team of conference organisers, my business, Nectar Creative Communications, is doing what we know how to do best.  We are putting on NCTCE2021 and are determined to make a positive impact on this issue by supporting the sector’s growth and commercial implementation.”  

NCTCE2021 is a national platform which will bring together all the major players of the cleantech sector to showcase new technology and research, educate and collaborate.

Tiffany Bower, the Program Director, is currently curating the conference program with content to focus on the theme of Cleantech: Fast tracking sustainable growth.  “NCTCE2021 is not focussed on just one solution – it is a multi-sector event – because it will take a holistic approach, across technologies, behaviours and policies.” added Ms Bower.  “The conversations at the event will encompass energy, water, waste, built environment, transport, agriculture and manufacturing, because these days, projects aren’t just an ‘energy’ project or a ‘water’ project – they are often across all of these sectors. We believe the benefits of this cross-sector collaboration will bring new opportunities, new partnerships, new jobs and new solutions.” 

At a time when people are asking “what can be done?”,  this national conference will provide an insight into the solutions that exist today or are in the start-up phase ready for investment.  It’s aim is to bring this community together so that government and business can understand the benefits, and importantly how to implement the many Cleantech solutions available to work towards a more resilient community, sustainable economic growth and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions nationally.  

A key topic the 2021 event will address is investment opportunities and access to funding. “Many people don’t realise there are  government agencies at all levels already doing great work in this area. There is  funding available and resources they can access to help build their cleantech innovation and business. Our speaker program aims to spotlight the best-practice case studies,the innovative partnerships and new business models to help delegates navigate their way through the implementation process”, Ms Bower added. 

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Dr Tim MacTaggart, NCTCE Advisory Panel member.

NCTCE2019 keynote speaker and member of the 2021 advisory panel, Dr Tim MacTaggart, Chief Deployment Officer, Redflow Sustainable Energy Storage commented, “Cleantech has now moved beyond being a ‘science experiment’, however to fully realise the transition to a clean economy, we need to build the human infrastructure to support technological innovation.  This is where an event like NCTCE2021 comes in; it helps to spread ideas and create the connections which really drive the changes we need to happen.”

“We are not doing this in isolation, we have engaged an industry advisory panel who span the sectors and also audience segments.” Ms Moore said. “ We also have the support of a number of industry groups such as Climate-KIC, EnergyLab, Cities Power Partnership, Brisbane’s CitySmart, and The Australian Electric Vehicle Association. In addition, we’ve already secured sponsorship support from Sunshine Coast Council and Brisbane Marketing. It’s really important to us that this conference is accessible to the small businesses and start-ups that comprise the majority of the Cleantech industry.  We have kept ticket prices as low as possible whilst ensuring a world-class education and professional development program.” 

The team at NCTCE are currently seeking expressions of interest from event sponsors and exhibitors who are looking to showcase to this audience of cleantech producers, users, and policymakers.  

Conference tickets will go on sale mid-February – with a limited number being released at a discounted rate for those willing to commit early.

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