From Coal to Carbon neutral homes – how innovation provides a bridge across the divide of multiple industries

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AUTHOR:  Harley Weston, Solaire Properties

Harley is speaking on day one at the Virtual Cleantech Conference & Exhibition happening 24- 26 November 2020.

Having started in exploration drilling before moving into horticulture, aviation and more recently sustainable construction I have found the one common denominator which drives success is out of the box thinking and innovative design.

Whether it’s the relationship between the aerodynamics of a helicopter blade and the ventilation inside a home or the way fluid moves around the drill bit at the bottom of a hole relates similarly to the plumbing of a fresh water pool system to avoid algae growth, the same thinking seems to apply.

When we apply the type of “Why” and “Why not” thinking to any situation we often find that there is some room for improvement, either for a financial return, social credits, sustainability, risk management, automation or just efficiency as a whole. This being said, it is also important to choose your battles and have a grasp of what industry and problem you are trying to tackle, does it need solving, does it make sense and will the solution be accepted in that industry?

Solaire Properties has considered these metrics from inception and now in its third year has completed 5 stunning residential projects in Brisbane with an unbreakable focus on future proofing buildings, increasing overall build quality, designing new systems, new materials and collaborating with various businesses to bring about a positive change in the way homes are constructed.

We have been conducting research and development on behalf of an industry, marketing both Solaire and our partners products to improve the scale of economics and therefore reduce the cost of sustainability for a more widespread adoption by volume builders.

Our latest and most ambitious project to date is Vanquish, Brisbane’s very first fully certified Passive House and one of only 38 to ever be built in a Sub Tropical environment globally. This home represents the highest standards of indoor air quality, insulation, ventilation and energy efficiency that’s possibly achievable, all wrapped up in an extremely digestible 458 sqm Luxury home.

Now the focus of a 12-month formal partnership with the University of Queensland to benchmark this home against the rest of industry it is well worth a further investigation and is Australia’s leading example of how sustainability, livability and longevity can be seamlessly integrated.

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