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Aeris Environmental

Aeris Environmental 

Aeris Environmental Ltd brings disruptive clean green technology to drive measurable improvements and changes in the performance and sustainability of the key assets in the built environment and those that occupy it. We solve real-world problems more effectively than conventional toxic technologies - solutions uniquely based on validated, green, CleanTech approaches.

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Calix is a team of dedicated people developing a patented technology to provide industrial solutions that address global sustainability challenges.

The core technology is being used to develop environmentally friendly solutions for advanced batteries, biotech, CO2 mitigation, sustainable processing, and water.

Calix’s core technology has attracted considerable recognition, and is the reason behind many of our business partnerships. Calix is currently working with a number of universities, research institutes, governments and industry partners across R&D projects globally.

Switzerland Global Enterprise

Consulate General Of Switzerland

The Trade Point Australia represents the Swiss trade and investment promotion agency Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE). Trained by S-GE, a local Trade Promotion Officer with the Consulate General in Sydney is responsible for implementing Swiss export promotion strategies.

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Envac Australia

Envac is the world's leader in Automated Waste Collection Systems (AWCS). The company has installed systems in high value cities throughout Europe, the Middle-East and Asia. Envac is working with the Sunshine Coast Council on Australia's first AWCS in the new Maroochydore CBD. For more information contact Scott Mackie at scott.mackie@envac.com.au.

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Enviroease are Sustainability professionals that help businesses embed Sustainable Development principles to become Future-Fit and resilient. We were established in 2002 and have a strong and proven track record of helping our clients with a bespoke package of services based on their needs. Our comprehensive reports identify gaps in the company’s current policies, practices and performance with recommended short and long-term actions to improve sustainability and better manage risk and compliance.

Areas of focus include:

Energy and GHGs
Waste and Resources
Workplace Health and Safety
Sustainable Procurement
Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination
Anti-Bullying and Harassment
Anti-Bribery and Corruption
Stakeholder communications and concerns
Lobbying and Advocacy

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Future Industries Australia

Future Industries Australia is the only cross sector platform that provides education, connection and collaboration opportunities to high-growth industries across Australia. We exist to develop and promote Future Industries in Australia, influencing business growth and competitiveness for our subscribers and partners.

Our vision is to foster a community of like-minded peers, driving mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships through collaboration and education.

We believe ‘Future Industries’ will lead Australia out of the current economic decline – we can’t do it alone! If we can connect the right people in the right circumstances, provide the right information and facilitate knowledge and experience sharing, then anything is possible.

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Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd

GMG is a clean-technology-focused company that aims to offer energy-saving products and solutions and energy storage products, enabled by Graphene manufactured in-house via a proprietary production process. GMG developed and proved its proprietary production process to produce GMG Graphene from natural gas. This process produces high quality, low input costs, scalable, tuneable and low contaminant Graphene suitable for use in clean-technology applications. GMG’s initial focus has been developing applications for ENERGY SAVING AND ENERGY STORAGE SOLUTIONS.

In the energy savings segment, GMG has focused on Graphene enhanced heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) coatings, lubricants and fluids. GMG and its customers have successfully demonstrated HVAC coating projects, offering customers improvement in the efficiency of space cooling (air-conditioning) and coolant units. Also, GMG is developing lubricants which aim to reduce friction in engines. Both these to offering customers air conditioning energy cost reductions.

In the energy storage segment GMG and the University of Queensland are working collaboratively with financial support from the Australian Government to progress research and development, and ultimately explore the commercialization of GMG graphene aluminium-ion batteries. Aluminium-ion batteries have the potential to have better energy density than lithium-ion batteries. Graphene Aluminium-ion Batteries may eliminate many disadvantages of LI Batteries, including the risk of overheating/fire and performance degradation. Management believes that successful commercialization of the Graphene Aluminium-ion Batteries would result in a superior substitute to LI Batteries in targeted applications.

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is an all Australian owned and operated Electric Barbecue and Solar Product Company. Greenplate’s Parent Company, Cosmos Solar Pty Ltd. has been trading since 1983 and established Greenplate Pty Ltd in 2004 as its Sales and Distribution arm of the Business. Greenplate® pride themselves in ensuring their unique Electric Barbecues and Solar Products are consistently at the cutting edge of Technology and being Quality Assured to ISO 9001:2015

Integra Systems

Integra Systems

Our depth of knowledge in product development, circularity and market dynamics, means we're an incubation hub for inspirational ideas that are then transformed into performance and circular-focused products. We have created our own range of products which are designed to enhance business performance and get results. In addition to this, collaborations with like-minded international businesses are key to a Circular Economy and are created within Integra TranForm. Let us introduce all these to you.

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Reforest empowers individuals and organisations to lead the shift to an economy that restores the planet.

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Sunshine Coast Council

The Sunshine Coast has one of the highest concentrations of clean technology businesses in Queensland, has developed credentials in sustainability and clean technology innovation and is home to award-winning applications and research capabilities. This thriving ecosystem supports new and emerging technology, working closely with Australia’s only dedicated and active clean technologies business association and ecohub, the sustainability research centre as well as the innovation centre. For more information, contact Scott Breust at scott.breust@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au.

Water Carbon Group

The Water and Carbon Group

The Water and Carbon Group approach projects collaboratively, leveraging the knowledge and experience of our multi-disciplined team to create cutting edge solutions that integrate natural assets where possible.

We start with asking the right questions to develop a broader understanding of a project. This helps to identify opportunities to add value to the larger social, economic, and environmental causes of a customer’s challenges.