29 - 31 May 2019
Sunshine Coast, Queensland


Exhibitor Listing

Unitywater provides essential water supply and sewage treatment services to residents and businesses in the Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast and Noosa regions, under the guidance of CEO George Theo. Every day Unitywater operates and maintains more than $3.3 billion of essential infrastructure, delivers quality drinking water and treats 58 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of sewage for over 16% of Queensland’s population, spread across 5223 square km.

Algaenviro is an independently owned, 100% Australian company. We provide innovative solutions for managing water quality. One of the solutions we have is our Australian made product, ‘Diatomix’, which is revolutionary in maintaining water quality. Dr Simon Tannock has been working with and consulting for Australian wastewater utilities, local councils, aquaculture companies and water managers for several years.

Grenof is an Australian-owned solutions based company focused on providing innovative and proven technologies and solutions to the water, wastewater and renewables sectors. We provide a clear planning approach, strong operational delivery and guarantee a customer-centric service that delivers outstanding results.

Q-Image Architectural is a sustainability in the built environment sector of Q-Image Construction, a grass roots construction company that has operated on the Sunshine Coast for 20 years. We use our in-house engineering team to develop bespoke, sustainable architectural products as functional solutions to numerous problems within the built environment.

Eco ICF with Eskydeck is a complete construction solution with built-in resilience, sustainability and comfort. Eco ICF Builders & Supplies are the only manufacturers and builders that have a complete ICF building system. We use Eco ICF blocks for the walls and Eskydeck for the floors & roofs which can include green roofs.

Designed as a future proof technology, Gswitch manages energy needs of all households, through monitoring, presence detection, and power optimisation, it provides maximum integration with renewable energy, and consumer expectations. Industry partners with Energex, Gswitch delivers high level integration to the network grid opening new cheaper tariffs to the public.

Smart Sinks Waste Water Filtration and Recycling patented systems come in 2 models designed and made from seeing a problem and providing a solution.

1. Stainless steel bench mounted model suitable for Dental, Medical, Labs, Art Studios, Schools and Universities.

2. Mobile Wheelie Bin unit recycles the water suitable for tradies and industry that needs to wash tools and keep sediment out of drainage system and environment.

Envac AB is one of the leading environmental technology companies in Sweden and the global leader in the automated waste collection industry. The system is a part of the city infrastructure, just like electricity, sewage, water etc. The technology is, in all meanings of the word, a sustainable solution.

MAC Garbage Solutions is a family owned business currently based in Dubai and Australia. We manufacture a range of converters that turn garbage into a dry, sterile material reducing volume/landfill with zero airborne emissions. We are committed to providing solutions for garbage disposal to industries needing to improve their waste management plan and environmental impact.

Enopte innovates smarter technology to monitor, manage and optimise your energy usage. Developed, assembled and tested in Australia, our products provide energy management, storage, control, billing and metering. Our passion is to educate the community and work together, creating a more sustainable and beneficial way of life.