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3 - 4 August 2020
Brisbane, Queensland


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Unitywater provides essential water supply and sewage treatment services to residents and businesses in the Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast and Noosa regions, under the guidance of CEO George Theo. Every day Unitywater operates and maintains more than $3.3 billion of essential infrastructure, delivers quality drinking water and treats 58 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of sewage for over 16% of Queensland’s population, spread across 5223 square km.

Algaenviro is an independently owned, 100% Australian company. We provide innovative solutions for managing water quality. One of the solutions we have is our Australian made product, ‘Diatomix’, which is revolutionary in maintaining water quality. Dr Simon Tannock has been working with and consulting for Australian wastewater utilities, local councils, aquaculture companies and water managers for several years.

Grenof Pty Ltd provides in-house expertise and solutions to the global water, wastewater and renewables sectors with a specific focus on Odour and Corrosion control, Disinfection Services and Contracted Services & Facilities Management. Grenof has a wide range of satisfied customers including developers, regional & city councils and utilities.

Q-Image Architectural is a sustainability in the built environment sector of Q-Image Construction, a grass roots construction company that has operated on the Sunshine Coast for 20 years. We use our in-house engineering team to develop bespoke, sustainable architectural products as functional solutions to numerous problems within the built environment.

Eco ICF Builders & Supplies with Eskydeck is a complete construction solution with built-in resilience, sustainability and comfort. Eco ICF Builders & Supplies are the only manufacturers and builders that have a complete ICF building system. We use Eco ICF blocks for the walls and Eskydeck for the floors & roofs which can include green roofs.

Designed as a future proof technology, Gswitch manages energy needs of all households, through monitoring, presence detection, and power optimisation, it provides maximum integration with renewable energy, and consumer expectations. Industry partners with Energex, Gswitch delivers high level integration to the network grid opening new cheaper tariffs to the public.

Smart Sinks Waste Water Filtration and Recycling patented systems come in 2 models designed and made from seeing a problem and providing a solution.

1. Stainless steel bench mounted model suitable for Dental, Medical, Labs, Art Studios, Schools and Universities.

2. Mobile Wheelie Bin unit recycles the water suitable for tradies and industry that needs to wash tools and keep sediment out of drainage system and environment.

Envac is one of the leading environmental technology companies in Sweden and the global leader in the automated waste collection industry. The system is a part of the city infrastructure, just like electricity, sewage, water etc. The technology is, in all meanings of the word, a sustainable solution.

International Garbage Solutions is a family owned business currently based in Dubai and Australia. We manufacture a range of converters that turn garbage into a dry, sterile material reducing volume/landfill with zero airborne emissions. We are committed to providing solutions for garbage disposal to industries needing to improve their waste management plan and environmental impact.

Enopte innovates smarter technology to monitor, manage and optimise your energy usage. Developed, assembled and tested in Australia, our products provide energy management, storage, control, billing and metering. Our passion is to educate the community and work together, creating a more sustainable and beneficial way of life.

Planet Ark Power is a leading Australian renewable energy engineering company focused on providing clean energy solutions that help businesses and organisations transition to a sustainable future.

We combine engineering expertise with strong customer relationships, allowing access to the most technologically advanced clean energy solutions and dedicated after-sales support, carried out in partnership with ASX-listed installation partner Service Stream.

Cleanaway is Australia’s leading total waste management, industrial, environmental and health services company. Our mission is to make a sustainable future possible, driven by the philosophy that all waste is a resource. We are committed to the safe and responsible management of waste, regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability.

Providing infrastructure for Electric Vehicles across Australia. EV Australia caters for a wide range of electric vehicle enthusiasts, and industries – getting a location ready for electric charging has never been easier than with EV Australia. For most Electric Vehicle owners the need to rapid charge from a reliable, rapid and safe solution is a necessity at work, home or a short stopover.

Is your company Waste Levy Ready? Mil-tek Recycling & Environmental Solutions provides the latest European recycling technology and strategies to divert waste from landfill and reduce waste costs. We provide on-site waste mapping to enable businesses to improve recycling.

The Cleanwater Group is a profit-for-purpose business based in the Sunshine Coast with a mission to reduce the amount of plastic and other marine debris entering our waterways, rivers and ocean. We provide effective and innovative solutions that accelerate the transition to a circular economy, and have a strategic focus on collaboration, community engagement and education, in order to empower society to create a pristine environment for future generations.

GREENPLATE® is an all Australian owned and operated Electric Barbecue and Solar Product Company. Greenplate’s Parent Company, Cosmos Solar Pty Ltd. has been trading since 1983 and established Greenplate Pty Ltd in 2004 as its Sales and Distribution arm of the Business. Greenplate® pride themselves in ensuring their unique Electric Barbecues and Solar Products are consistently at the cutting edge of Technology and being Quality Assured to ISO 9001:2015

Hivve Technology harnesses clean energy and smart technology to help schools create better learning environments, reduce energy costs and demonstrate real environmental leadership. Hivve iQ, the clean technology at the heart of the Hivve system, combines solar PV generation and battery storage with real-time monitoring of the indoor environment, energy generation and use. Hivve Technology has also created an advanced modular classroom embedded with Hivve iQ – The Hivve – to provide growing schools with a ‘green’ zero net energy learning space that is scalable, flexible, affordable and fast.

VME is exactly what the name suggests and more. Everything from clearing unwanted trees and vegetation, harvesting biomass, collecting and sorting rubbish and recyclables from compostable material, processing compost and more. As a new division of Hillside Tractors Australia, we are your 'common sense solutions' for Roadside Contracting and clean up. 'Outside the square' Solutions, Practical Innovation and Machines that work.