What to expect as a hybrid event delegate in 2021

Aug 10, 2021

Vctce Hero

In acknowledgement of the uncertain times we are in, The National Cleantech Conference and Exhibition 2021 will be delivered as a hybrid event, live and live-streamed, enabling our community to attend in person or virtually from anywhere in the world.

But what exactly is a hybrid event?

And what can you expect as a delegate if you purchase a virtual ticket to NCTCE 2021?

A hybrid event, as the name suggests, brings together an in-person event and a virtual event. Simply put, this means all event stakeholders (attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and organisers) can benefit from both formats. 

Attendees of NCTCE 2021 have the option of attending the event venue or participating via our virtual event platform. The NCTCE event team is responsible for the setup of additional AV and technical infrastructure for virtual streaming and putting everything in place at the physical venue to enable a seamless, integrated, and engaging experience for both audiences.

So basically, it’s your choice. If you are not up for a long journey to Brisbane or you are restricted by borders, you can opt to stream the event live from the comfort of your home. By making NCTCE 2021 a hybrid event, we’ve made it easier for more people from many locations to participate in Australia's ONLY multi-sector Cleantech event.

To ensure inclusivity for both NCTCE 2021 delegates (in-person and hybrid) we’ve allowed more time for questions, live polls and networking.  We’ll ensure NCTCE 2021 delegates can interact with each other and exchange contact details, and most will include opportunities to interact with exhibitors that may have in person presence AND a virtual booth. 

The virtual exhibition will feature a range of industry suppliers, ready to chat with you face-to-face about your business and give you information on their solutions.

The online platform allows you to browse a list of your fellow attendees  and reach out to them via the meeting hub. Set up a meeting time with someone you’ve been trying to reach for a while. Accept meeting requests and proactively use the time on the platform to ensure you are visible to the other attendees.

Who will be at NCTCE 2021?

Attracting 350+ delegates and over 40 exhibitors from across Australia, this conference will bring together the key sectors across the industries of waste, water, energy, mobility, manufacturing, agriculture and built environment.  The roles within these sectors will include:


  • Corporate executives
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Consultants
  • Engineers
  • Procurement Managers
  • Infrastructure Managers
  • Energy/Waste/Resource Managers


  • Incubators
  • Start-ups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Consultants
  • Growth and advanced Cleantech companies
  • Education providers

Government (Local, State and Federal)

  • Large infrastructure project management
  • Policy and planning managers
  • Sustainability managers
  • Economic development officers
  • Procurement managers
  • Energy managers
  • Education and health providers


  • Venture capitalists
  • Finance managers
  • Sustainability managers
  • Green Investors
  • Superannuation funds

The magic happens when these audiences come together and collaborate on new ideas and solutions - we’ve seen this at past events and know this will be a highlight of the get together in November.  For more information on attending NCTCE 2021, please visit our website

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