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Legacy 2.0: how public need is reshaping Games design

March 23, 2022

Major sporting and leisure events are under scrutiny like never before to deliver long term benefits for their host city, and the citizens within them. Host cities have been struggling to convince their citizens that they are worth the investment and the upheaval. Hosting an event places a city in the spotlight like nothing else.…

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How To Win In The Cleantech Market

Session Highlight: How to win in the Cleantech Market

March 9, 2022

Consumer attitudes and behaviours are constantly changing.  Technology is advancing and accelerating, and markets are no longer local, they are global.  Knowing the market, really KNOWING it, has never been more important to finding and launching new products and services.  How confident is your knowledge of the Cleantech market?  Do you know what market opportunities…

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How to Decarbonise Your Business

November 2, 2021

Author: Suzanne Orme, Principle, Enviroease Business Advisory “The science is clear. Without dramatic reductions in the use of fossil fuels, we will see untold destruction to our environment and continuing damage to people’s health and livelihoods. And the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement will fall quickly out of reach.”  Kristalina Georgieva, MD of the…

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Innovation to Accelerate Economic Growth

Designing and developing successful regional innovation economies: Opportunities for Queensland and Australia

October 28, 2021

Authors: Tom White, Chief Revenue Officer, Network for Global Innovation (NGIN) Scott Bourke, Director – Innovation & City Transformation, Logan City Council and Matt Horton, Director for the Center for Regional Economics and California Center, Milken Institute Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, La Jolla, and Boston are coastal US cities with incredibly powerful economies based on…

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Next-generation biofuels

Next-generation biofuels. Game changing Fuel and Feed bio-refineries

October 28, 2021

Author: Geoff Bell, CEO, Microbiogen As the global combat against climate change continues, it is becoming increasingly evident that no single measure will be sufficient to overcome this widespread problem. All sustainability approaches at our disposal need to be deployed simultaneously if we want to mediate the negative effects of climate change. One such approach…

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What to expect as a hybrid event delegate in 2021

August 10, 2021

In acknowledgement of the uncertain times we are in, The National Cleantech Conference and Exhibition 2021 will be delivered as a hybrid event, live and live-streamed, enabling our community to attend in person or virtually from anywhere in the world. But what exactly is a hybrid event? And what can you expect as a delegate…

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Networking Tips For Virtual and Hybrid Events

August 10, 2021

With the emergence of COVID-19, hybrid and virtual events have exploded in the last 18 months as an industry necessity. Handshakes might be off the table in a time of socially distanced virtual events, but professional connections and networking are still possible.  As a hybrid and virtual event attendee: You still get access to all…

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February 25, 2021

A new digital platform, Future Industries Australia, is being launched today out of Brisbane, Queensland, to spark the next phase of economic recovery in Australia. Future Industries Australia, a one-stop digital platform, will provide education, connection and collaboration opportunities to high-growth industries across Australia. Managing Director of Future Industries Australia, Nick Moore, saw the struggle…

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An angel investor’s perspective on investing in Cleantech start-ups

November 2, 2020

Author:  Paul Howdle, Managing Consultant of Directional  Paul is the facilitator of the panel discussion on day two of the VCTCE2020 program titled Cleantech fast-tracking sustainable growth through impact investment  This article isn’t a general “how to pick tech start-up investments” but instead shares some of what I look for, having been on the management…

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From Coal to Carbon neutral homes – how innovation provides a bridge across the divide of multiple industries

October 28, 2020

AUTHOR:  Harley Weston, Solaire Properties Harley is speaking on day one at the Virtual Cleantech Conference & Exhibition happening 24- 26 November 2020. Having started in exploration drilling before moving into horticulture, aviation and more recently sustainable construction I have found the one common denominator which drives success is out of the box thinking and…

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