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22 - 23 March 2021
BCEC, Brisbane



Wind Energy Australia

How is wind energy sustainable?

March 16, 2019

When people look at a wind power generator, what runs through their mind is a permanent source of clean energy. But is this image correct? Practitioners, policy makers, governments, and academics continue debating about the costs and longevity of wind energy and compare it with other sources. To demonstrate the sustainability of wind energy, this…

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Water Conservation

How can we use water more sustainably?

March 16, 2019

While we are often talking about Clean Technologies that assists with water recycling as a solution to the current water crisis in some areas – we thought we’d take a step back and look at a few ideas to consider when using water both domestically and commercially. Water conservation is important to saving money, saving…

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What are Business ‘Industry Clusters’ and how can Regional Cleantech Business benefit?

March 5, 2019

What are Business ‘Industry Clusters’ and how can Regional Cleantech Businesses benefit? A business cluster can be defined as a number of interconnected businesses, suppliers, and institutions in a particular field that are clustered together in a geographic concentration. Business clusters aim to increase productivity and enable companies in a specific region to compete not…

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What is sustainable energy?

March 1, 2019

What is sustainable energy? Sustainability, according to the United Nations’ Brundtland Commission of 1987, is the ability of systems to meet the needs of current society without affecting the ability of future generations to meet their needs. In line with this definition, sustainable energy is the energy that powers the needs of the current generations…

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What is green transportation and how can it be achieved?

March 1, 2019

What is green transportation and how can it be achieved? Transportation is a primary aspect of the modern world that people cannot live without. However, the transport systems in use today are associated with a plethora of problems such as environmental degradation, global warming, poor health, and the emission of greenhouse gases. According to the…

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We’re giving away a Cool Cleantech Conference experience on the Sunshine Coast! ❄️☀️

February 25, 2019

We’re excited to launch a competition in the lead up to the conference! Enter now for your chance to win flights, accommodation and 2 x VIP tickets to the National Clean Technologies Conference in Caloundra happening 29-31 May! The prize includes a bunch of awesome Caloundra experiences for you and a work colleague or friend…

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What is Clean Technology?

February 21, 2019

What is Clean Technology? There is no precise definition of clean technology. Clean Edge, a Cleantech research firm, defines clean technology as a wide selection of products, procedures, and services that harness sources of renewable energy to reduce or eliminate wastes and emissions and significantly minimise the utilisation of natural resources.   Clean tech’s mainstream…

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Sustainability: Why your input is needed now

February 21, 2019

What is Sustainability? Sustainability defines how natural systems work, remain diverse, and generate everything the world requires for its ecosystems to remain in balance. It was first used in the Brundtland Report of 1987 that is commonly referred to as Our Common Future. Our Common Future sought to warn societies about the environmental consequences of…

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PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister’s Environmentalist of the Year set to MC National Clean Technologies Conference

December 10, 2018

The Prime Minister’s Environmentalist of the Year and leading sustainable business expert Arron Wood has been announced as the MC of the National Clean Technologies Conference due to take place from 29 – 31 May 2019 on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Building on the success of The Cleantech Effect event, run by the Sunshine…

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Final call for speakers for National Clean Technologies Conference

November 22, 2018

Do you have a new solution to announce, project success to feature or company case study to share with the Australian Cleantech Industry community? Individuals and organisations are invited to submit an abstract to deliver an oral presentation, panel presentation or workshop which addresses one or more of the conference topics at the National Clean…

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