How can I meet real people at a virtual conference?

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There is a perception that the biggest difference between an in-person conference and a virtual one is that the virtual event doesn’t provide attendees with the networking opportunities that they would get if they were physically in the room together.  

What if we told you that wasn’t the case? 

VCTCE will allow for plenty of networking opportunities!  That’s probably the biggest single difference between VCTCE and the successful Cleantech Conversations webinar series – the content will be just as stimulating and relevant, the speakers will be just as amazing, but the conversation will be two-way!  

Virtual networking is more than a chat box! 

By now we’ve all experienced a webinar where we can enter our questions in the Q&A box and hope that the moderator will see it. How exciting is it when our question gets answered?  The chat box is there for you to interact with the other attendees if you want to, but let’s face it, if the webinar is worth attending then you want to focus on the speakers and only those truly adept at multitasking can retain the information and have a conversation via chat at the same time.   

That’s why we’ve scheduled time in the program each day dedicated to networking with the speakers and other attendees and chatting with exhibitors properly – face-to-face!  We know that attending a conference is about who you meet, the deals you do, the contacts you make, the ideas you share just as much as it is about the sessions you attend.   Here are three ways you can make this happen. 

1. Meeting Hub  

Visit the meeting hub for attendee to attendee virtual connections.  You can find other attendees based on answers to profile questions, share contact details and make notes.  When you first sign in you will need to set up your profile, this information will be shared via the meeting hub with other attendees you make a connection with, so make sure you complete this if you are keen to make some new contacts.

It’s in the meeting hub that you can reach out to other attendees, request a live text chat, video call, send a message or schedule a meeting. This part of the platform will be live a few days prior to the event so you can jump in and schedule meetings to make the most of your time online over the three days. 

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2. Networking sessions 

Scheduled as part of the program this is the must attend session for those who usually measure the success of a conference by the number of business cards they leave with!  Here you are randomly placed into groups of two, three or four, it’s a full two-way video chat and just like a live networking event you can talk with other attendees, create connections and have a great time networking.  These sessions will last about 5 minutes each, so when it wraps up you can join another one – really working the room.

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3. Visit the exhibition

The virtual exhibition will be open from 8am – 1pm each day, so make sure you check it out.  Here you can visit with exhibitors just like you would at an in person meeting.   You view exhibitor profiles, download brochures, watch videos and have instant video meetings with exhibitors.  Once again, if you are proactive there are plenty of opportunities to meet new industry professionals or catch up with old colleagues over the three days. 

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VCTCE will be a virtual event like no other you’ve attended!  

We get it.  It’s been a tough year to expand your professional networks, so if you are looking to make genuine connections with other cleantech professionals, investors, innovators or industry experts – then you’ll have plenty of opportunities if you join the live event 24 – 26 November 2020.  

For more information and to register visit the WEBSITE 

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