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1 - 2 November 2021
BCEC, Brisbane


Shahana McKenzie, Bioenergy Australia


Shahana McKenzie, Bioenergy Australia

Shahana McKenzie is the CEO of Bioenergy Australia. Since joining Bioenergy Australia in 2017, Shahana has the responsibility for leading Bioenergy Australia’s contribution on matters such as climate science, jobs creation, regional development, and energy supply, to ensure national benefits for the next decade and beyond. An immediate priority for Bioenergy Australia is to ensure bioenergy features prominently in considerations at all levels of government as they plan and implement energy strategies and policies.
Shahana has been appointed as:

  • International Energy Agency Bioenergy, Australian Exco Joint Committee Member
  • Member of the Commonwealth Fuel Standards Consultative Committee
  • Member of the NSW Forest Industries Taskforce R&D Advisory Group
  • Member of the ACCC Fuel Consultative Committee
  • Member of the NSW Government Biofuels Expert Panel
  • Member of the QLD Bio futures Industry Advisory Group