Barry Du Bois

Interior Designer/Master Builder/TV presenter/Sustainability Advocate

At age 45 Barry decided to move away from the business that had made him financially secure from designing and building beautiful homes, and took to the high seas to explore the world from another perspective. He boarded his yacht Bella Sogni and set out on an adventure of discovery of both himself and the planet. Relying on mother nature to both guide him and sustain his existence he covered over thirty five thousand nautical miles of sea travel over many countries. His sea-living fed his passion for sustainability, humanity and the dream of creating and living in a more efficient world & helped develop an incredible guide and culture to live by.

In 2011 Barry was lured back to the land and was offered a platform in TV that allowed him to share his method of breaking large problems in big size projects, guiding and empowering people in their homes.

In 2012 with the birth of his twins Bennet and Arabella Barry’s attention was drawn to the insufficiencies of the classroom and has since been dedicated to creating a sustainable solar-powered building template that will provide the ultimate learning space for children to be able to thrive in a healthier environment.