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1 - 2 November 2021
BCEC, Brisbane

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Ross Headifen

Following on from previous environmental work, in 2008-2010 Ross went to Tanzania to put in water wells in rural villages. During this time it became obvious what harm all this plastic people were using was doing. People there had no way to deal with plastic waste. It was being littered everywhere, in rivers, along roads, in farms, in the towns. Plastic bags, plastic bottles were the main items. He came up with the idea of can these items be made from a biodegradable plastic, one that would go away in a few years. Starting with one common water bore sampler made in the USA, he made it landfill-biodegradable. Then coming back to Melbourne he thought, what other plastic product could we make biodegradable? That was the start of Fieldtech Solutions/BioGone. This company now makes a range of disposable biodegradable plastic products and durable products from recycled plastic resin.