Clusters of Change: Ensuring a Strong and Collaborative Future for the Cleantech Industry

The global industry has embarked on a journey mastering digitisation and decarbonisation. Achieving a ‘well below 2C’ Paris Agreement target requires a speed of decarbonisation six times faster than anything that the global community has achieved so far. We need more impact, more quickly, to accelerate this transformation. Only systemic innovation is capable to trigger this exponential change. Clusters play a crucial role in this. They are impact multipliers, brokers of innovation, smart investments boosters and engines of growth. They can catalyse change at speed and scale.


Bianca Dragomir will:

  • Shed light on how clusters shape the industries of the future.
  • Share the turnaround of Avaesen Cleantech Cluster (Spain) and its journey from a ‘cluster as usual’ to a ‘cluster of change’.
  • Convey the missing keys to build a successful world-class cluster and how to create a thriving ecosystem of mutual success and growth for a plurality of stakeholders.
  • Bring inspiration on how Europe is creating a pan-European scalling-up mechanism trough clusters.
  • Provide key insights and tools for Australian cleantech industry to shape open, inter-connected, multi-collaborative, innovation-driven and financially self-sustained clusters, to leverage smart investments trough smart collaborations.