Quick-fire Solutions Session

Presentation 1: Future Tiny Houses

Jimmy Hirst, Polka Dot Tiny Houses and Eco Villages

How they may be the key to creating connected and sustainable communities for the future which are clean tech, off-the-grid, eco smart and much more affordable. How we could treat housing like “lego” as pods that can be mixed & matched together then lifted into place in low-footprint living communities of the future. Learn how this type of eco smart, mobile housing can start to regenerate the small village living model for a more meaningful and effective way to live.


Presentation 2: Low emission water mains cleaning using mobile ozonation

Jason Brooks, CEO, Grenof



Presentation 3: Future of Healthy Water

Simon Tannock, Director, AlgaEnviro

Healthy, useable water is essential to all life. With a warming planet and the proliferation of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) entering the water, toxic blue-green algae blooms, fish kills and waterways clogged with weed are becoming far more common. Reducing these is essential for the health of our environment. AlgaEnviro offers Diatomix, a safe, cost-effective, natural system for restoring water health by reducing nutrient levels without the use of poisons, herbicides, costly weed removal or other unproven short-term options currently in use.


Presentation 4: Powering the Sunshine Coast by Hydrofarming the East Australian Current

Chris Drake, Founder, Ocean Hydro

Our story begins in August, 2003. You were there, in the movies, as Nemo rode the East Australian Current from the Reef to Sydney.
The EAC is real. It’s 30 billion liters per second flowing, day and night, along our coast. That’s more energy than used by all the towns and cities it flows past.

Follow our Journey from our award-winning GovHack feasibility study, to supplying the entirety of Noosa Shire’s electricity from this zero-emission resource.